Her Story

2002 - 2005

The Leisure Years

Intoxicated by the mad optimism of mid century ad-men, LaQuisha was on mission to achieve the leisurely life. Aided and abetted by a well heeled husband and the nascent internet. This dream took form, in 2002 when the online journal “LaQuisha, Increasing Your Leisure Time” was established.
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LaQuisha's Divas

Achieving some level of success with her blog, LaQuisha was joined by two guest bloggers.

Watashi wa Salary Woman, in which Sam bloged live from Japan

The Christie Files, the life and times of LaQuisha's dear friend Sally.


Speed Wobbles

It seems obvious, in retrospect, that LaQuisha was destined to be a divorcee. The leisure years were ended when she engaged a divorce lawyer. And in a cruel twist of fate, her beloved pussy developed a terminal illness and passed away.
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Taking a break from public life, LaQuisha circulated s story that she had met and married an oil tycoon. Whether this is true or not is left as a source of conjecture. What is known, is the oil tycoon is not mentioned again.

Lean Years

One of the downsides of the leisurely life, was that LaQuisha never really learned how to manage her finances. This lead to a bit of a personal financial crash and an online battle to reign in her spending.

Leisure Lounge

For the first time on camera, sporting a beard, LaQuisha hosted three series of Leisure Lounge, a live streaming chat show, featuring local guests, cooking and crafting.

Science Fiction

In the summer of 2013 LaQuisha, inspired by binge watching 10 years of X-Files episodes, relaunched her blog as she took her readers on her personal adventure to find her mother, who had been abducted by aliens when LaQuisha as but a girl.

First Kickstarter

This story caught the attention of computer game studio Instinct Entertainment, who collaborated in a Kickstarter to bring the world the story of LaQuisha's Odyssey in the style of 1980s hit game Leisure Suit Larry and the land of the lounge lizards. The Kickstarter failed to reach it's funding target.


LaQuisha then took her show on the road, visiting Los Angeles where she changed her look to incorporate Muumuus, and then onto Portland, where she was introduced to the Radical Faerie community, and learnt about "The Cockettes", the original bearded lady drag queens.

To Low Earth Orbit and Beyond

Back in New Zealand, LaQuisha realised that she wanted to launch herself into space and spend her days living on #SpaceStation1 with her trusty pussy cat #CuddleUnit5.


LaQuisha is a well loved entertainment personality and has collaborated with many groups as MC and featured Drag Queen. She is an excellent publicist and both her Kickstarter campaign and her work with ANZ bank is featured in media worldwide, including The Huffington Post, Television New Zealand and Pando Daily.

Her current projects include "Dropped Pie", a comedy web-series that recently met its Kickstarter funding goal to create the pilot. And "A Taste of LaQuisha", a short format interview web-series.